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Jewelry software modules

Market Savvy

Maintain an up-to-date system calendar of gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and rhodium (and more ) markets.
Quote prices at different markets.
Lock at future gold, hedge and report on your positions at all times.
Know the value of your gold- in finished goods, in sheet, tubing, wire, castings, findings, in your factory, at offshore factories, at your vendors, at your contractors, in scrap, on memo, and in your salesman's line.
Calculate profitability with market changes and special vendor costing formula
Multiple currencies available for calculating fluctuating costs based on current market.

Your Customer Base - everything you need to know

Terms and policies for each customer - split payments, payment habits, dating, chargeback handling, credit memo policies
Special gold market locking flexibility - as of order, as of invoice, as of future lock date, etc.
Credit Checking Control -credit ratings, delinquency handling, credit limits, booking limits
Shipping rules and management -how to ship, partial shipments allowed, backorders allowed, who pays postage, how to ship in Nov, on Fridays, etc.
Inventory control for this customer
Stock special inventory, manufacture per order, pull from on Hand, build up to desired levels.
Contact management -keep track of your customer's contacts - president, buyers, a/r, etc.
Events scheduling -What do I have to do today? Who shall I call? Who promised me a check today? What has to ship?
Comments - separated by function so that collections and tagging get their customized instructions. Allow special comments for order entry, to print on a bag, to print on the customer's invoice, etc.
Special Report designing capabilites allowing you to self design your customer reports along with history information, receivable information, etc.
E Mail generator - allows you to e mail targeted predesigned 'templates' mining data from your files, and sending them via email to desired recipients.

Unlimited Pricing Flexibility

by Gram, Dwt, Piece, % over gold
different markups on gold, diamonds, labor, etc.
Cast contract breakdown pricing
Complete and unlimited breakdown of item with gold, diamonds, gems, labor, packaging, etc.
Special Customer/Item Fixed Prices, fixed with overriding specifications such as metal, color, qualities
Diamond, Gem, Setting price tables, standard tables, and overriding customer tables.
Unlimited bill of materials, overriding bill of materials per customer
Customized Price Quote Sheets for Customers
Multiple levels of sale and inventory--
complete, mountings-only, customer diamonds, unfinished, assembled, etc.,
Self designing displays and reports allowing you to target reports for specific users.

Nine years comprehensive sales history

Units, Dollars, Weight, Cost, Profitability
by month, by period, by nine comparative years, calendar year, fiscal year.
Sales, Returns, Shortages, Damages, Pricing Errors, , Memoes, Sell Thru, Cash Received, etc.
Receivables History
Self designing display/report generator allows you to create as many displays as desired. You can also export data to Excel or other data base application.

Bar Codes

Bar codes of UPC # or Item # on tags.
Bar code bag number for easy and accurate movement.
Take inventory with barcoded labels.
UCC labels with customized specs for your customers.


unlimited number of tag designs
customer retail tags, jewelry barbell tags
self designing tag program for new tag designs.
print with each item receiving for merchandise coming in
print with invoicing for merchandise going out.

Inventory Control

On finished goods and components
scale interface to ensure accuracy and speed
gold and diamond (stones,pearls) inventory based on weight and/or units.
Total security on weight fluctuations and losses.
Handle earrings, chains, rings, gold items (wire, sheet, castings), items with stones
Replenish your stock based on requirements and history with min/max formulas.
automatic purchase orders produced, with ability to review, override, and print/email to your vendors.
Intercompany inventory transfers - transfer components to offshore locations, and track their receipt and route to becoming finished items. Handle breakage and billing for unusual losses.

Order Processing

Complete, easy-to-use order processing - easy importing from EDI, handheld computers, salesman laptops, Excel distro sheet.
Automatic inventory allocation
Pricing at different gold markets
Credit checking
Batching of orders for convenient requisition
Easy duplication of orders for multiple store shipments
Work bags, tags, diamond bags, stone bags, casting tickets, etc.
Auto Purchase Orders for castings, items, diamonds, stones, etc. - allow previews and adjustments before generating by email/fax/paper.
Pick tickets,
Open order inquiries and self designed customized order reports
Batch billing to expedite automatic invoicing.
Email data mining to send email about order status to selected customers.
Customized invoices and/or acknowledgements
Memo processing for consignment, samples, delivery lines.

Shop Floor Control

Total control of each department productivity
Locate each order immediately
Find trouble spots and focus on delivering orders on time
Labor payments for piece work
Inventory and gold control of owned and customer product
Integrated barcode scanning for moving merchandise
scale interface


Shipping manifests,
automatic postage calculations,
automatic file transfers to all shipping computers for FedEx, UPS, etc.
package control systems.

Accounts Receivable

Total history of all accounts receivable
Easy allocation and keying of cash
Chargeback and deductions management.
Separate memo receivables
Cash Receipt by EDI (820) automatically posted.


Fully integrated EDI processing with all trading partners
All transaction sets
UCC labels and tags


See images of items on your screen
fully integrated into your application
print on quotes, work bags, invoices
print on self designed item reports


Keep track of all your memo merchandise: shipments, returns, automatic reorders, analysis of turn and sales, and auto reprice tags for those market change blues!

Executive Display

Instant snapshot of all important numbers tracked by your system, billed, cash received, booked, etc. Display of sales, returns, inventory, account receivables, accounts payable, profitability, and gold position in one comprehensive format.
The jewelry software system that you cannot outgrow!
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