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The Jewelry Software Designed To Run
YOUR Jewelry Business Successfully

  • Years of continuous empirical development specific to the Jewelry Business, with the guidance and support of its User Group has kept Magical Jeweler at the forefront of technology and design, specific to the industry it serves.
  • Regular annual updates of Magical Jeweler incorporating all of these continuous technological and design enhancements are distributed to every User, ensuring their access to the very best information system available for their business at any given time.
  • Magical Jeweler's commitment to industry standards for hardware and software assures all Users the most reliable and best-serviced equipment in the world.
  • Ease of use and short learning curve make Magical Jeweler a quick return on investment, making you productive quickly with a minimum of disruption and cost.
  • LSS's implementation and installation expertise and methodologies.
  • LSS's industry knowledgeable and experienced customer service people.
  • Many satisfied customers - Magical Jeweler is a comprehensive and flexible package that can be used successfully by both large and small companies.
  • FULLY-INTEGRATED Inventory, Production, Sales, and Money Management Program Keeps YOUR BUSINESS on the LEADING EDGE of the JEWELRY INDUSTRY.
  • Multi-Platform System
  • Multiple Database Compatibility
  • User-friendly Help system - indexed retrieval system will allow you to ask for help as you need it.
  • Easy to install - our trained technical staff will personally walk you through the simple steps to install and use Magical Jeweler.
The jewelry software system that you cannot outgrow!
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