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The Company

LSS was founded in 1977, and has been exclusively designing software in the Jewelry Industry Marketplace for the last twenty eight years. Over 100 systems have been designed and installed by LSS. Upgrades are continuously being provided to introduce state of the art technology to our clients.

The System

Recently, LSS has introduced a complete new system, which runs on multiple platforms, with multiple data bases. Through the power and flexibility of Networking Software, Magical Jeweler© is now able to serve the smallest and the largest companies in your industry with the same proven reliability that it has in the past, combined with the most modern computer technologies such as Distributed Processing, Imaging, EDI, Auto Faxing, Bar Code Printing/Wanding, Scale Interface, Local and Wide Area Networking, Internet Enabled Software.


For our customers, competition is fierce. There is no place for indecision or unanswered questions. Guesses have no meaning! Our clients need a powerful information tool that guides them through the work of every aspect of their business, and they need it at their fingertips. Our product, Magical Jeweler is a software system designed for the unique operational requirements of manufacturers and distributors of fine jewelry. Designed to deal with the unique requirements of the jewelry manufacturer, LSS can respond to your constantly changing needs with speed, accuracy, integrity, and that 'security' conscious mindset of controlling weights and dollars that is so key to the jewelery manfuacturer.


Today, with the largest Computer Users' Group of Jewelry Manufacturer, Wholesalers and Importers in the U.S. Magical Jeweler System has proven itself to be the most relevant and successful information system for your industry.
The jewelry software system that you cannot outgrow!
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